Friday, October 1, 2010

Higher Power

I'm spiritual but not into organized religion. Still, I wonder why you hear about good or important things happening on a regular basis--things you can't explain.

For example, I didn't know it, but someone at the DV shelter where I volunteer was moving out this weekend and had almost nothing for her new home.

A few days earlier, friends who were moving to FLA asked if I thought the shelter could use linens they didn't need to take with them. Happily, they helped me throw several leaf bags full of pillows, bedspreads, towels, sheets (some brand new) into my back seat when I left their house.

The day before I usually volunteer, a friend at the gym whom I hadn't seen for weeks grabbed me and said she'd brought clothing and linens for the shelter. Did I want them? I threw her bags on top of the others and promised to take them in the next day.

The entire back seat and floor of my car were now stacked almost to the ceiling with bags. When I arrived at the shelter and started carrying my bounty to the door, someone from the office came out and helped me carry everything inside. An hour later, she told me these goods arrived just in time. The resident leaving this weekend had already happily emptied many of the bags.

The assistant director of the shelter once told me that often when there is a serious need, someone leaves bags on their doorstep. Or someone calls to ask if the shelter could use something or donates badly needed money or services.

She is not shy about explaining why this happens so often and so efficiently and I agree with her.

Someone up there or out there is listening and passing on the information.
I'm quite sure of that.

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Denise Hampton said...

I think you are correct. I call my Higher Power God, but I don't think it a coincidence when things like this happen. I think it's good timing on God's part. Not to mention it makes us feel like we heard that small voice iniside all of us and followed instructions.