Wednesday, February 2, 2011


The snowplow did even better today--knocked our breakaway mailbox completely off its post and down the steep bank behind it. Despite my objections, dh decided to retrieve it. So he dressed warmly, put on his uncle's knee-high felt boots, and started down the slope. First step--he's in snow up to his thighs!

He found the mailbox half way down, stopped by a tree. Grabbed it gratefully but dropped the shovel he'd taken with him! Unlike the box, the shovel managed to fall all the way down the slope! Is this fun, or what?

Point is, I'm really grateful he did that. We don't get much "real" mail anymore, so the box could have stayed there until weather conditions were better. He ignored me because he knows I like to get the mail since I'm a writer. So he braved the "wintry mix" and did the deed.

This is the way he is--strong-willed, stubborn, and successful at most he attempts. Lucky for me, he's also fun, nice, helpful and not too annoying, as husbands go. Guess I'll keep him.

I wish everyone luck in finding the "right" partner. Not the perfect one, just the one that's right for you. To me, that means a partner who's there when you need him, doing his own thing when you don't, and who shows up cheerfully for dinner and other family events. One who helps, not hurts. Love shouldn't hurt.

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MLA said...

Love those snowplows--especially when they come flying by with their blade pushing the stuff from the street right into the end of the driveway that I spent a long, arduous stretch clearing away! But, so it goes...Nice thoughts regarding the "right" partner. You're lucky--as am I. It makes for a nice life, that's for sure, especially when mailboxes and such need attention.