Saturday, January 23, 2010


Who'd a thunk it? I was reading Mark Machiolek's new post on his blog, OFF THE WALL STUDIO and realized how many inspirations writers get from everyday news and experiences,or (in his case) the recent UCONN Women's Game with Notre Dame.

His thoughts about great coaches and heroic athletes led to a saucier chapter two (IMO) and a better ending, he thinks, for his unpublished ms., KNOCKOUT.

Let's face it. Revision is a necessary evil. And for me, it's easier than the need to develop interesting characters and a plot that works.

Not to mention the blank page and the first draft.

So when someone says your ms. is less than perfect, you have three choices:
***Decide you don't agree with them (and they could be wrong) and don't change a thing.
***Spew unacceptable language concerning their IQ, biological heritage and literary expertise.
***Get to work.


Jane Sutcliffe said...

Or B and C.

Anonymous said...

I think his name is Maciolek...Polish.

patwriter said...

I apologize, Mark! Mark's last name is spelled Maciolek. I spelled it phonetically. Check out his blog--it's terrific!