Monday, December 13, 2010


*Women who flee abusive homes
*Children who know violence,fear the batterer, and fear for the victim.
*Relatives who worry; relatives who abandon; relatives who make things worse
*Neighbors, hospitals, teachers, and others who help the victims and those who don't
*Abusers who learned from someone, somewhere how to hurt, how to survive, and how to cover their own weakness by victimizing others
*Administrators of DV shelters, programs, and resources who are often limited by funds but not by their own creativity
*Police, security officers,and soldiers who may not understand the complexity of the cycle of abuse and self-protection, including addictions
*Judges who think they understand who's at fault, but further punish, intimidate,or endanger victims of domestic or dating violence by their legal decisions
*All those who say, "Why doesn't she just leave?" Who don't know that leaving is when the victim is most in danger of severe abuse, the loss of her children,or murder

What or whom have I left out? Feel free to add your knowledge or experience under "Comments." Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Prayers for the person who keeps going back, thinking that this time he will change.

patwriter said...

Yes, that's a good addition. Thanks!