Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Dating is soooo different today. The age at which many girls go on their first date is getting lower and lower. The grade in school is lower. But the boys who ask them out are often older!

Let's say "Lily", a 13-year-old girl in 7nth grade meets a 16 year-old boy at a high school basketball game. She's there with a few friends who are watching their brothers and cousins play. They can't believe this high school hunk is talking with her, is asking to sit next to her. They drool as inconspicuously as they can, but Lily notices their admiration and envy.

Then he asks her out for pizza after the game, says he'll drive her home. She's supposed to be picked up after the game by Dad, but her friends tell her, "Do it! Just call your Dad and tell him we're going out for pizza and will bring you home."

Lily isn't sure, but he's so nice and so good-looking. He has a car and he's a sophmore in high school! How cool is that?

She and her friends are too young and too naiive to work out that boys his age should be hitting on girls his age or older. Why would he want someone so innocent, sweet, and impressionable?

Sooner or later, she'll find out and then it will be too late. The same scenario holds true for older girls and women who need someone to love them, treat them well (for a change), and be proud to take them out.

This is the dangerous combo. The immature, insecure guy obsessed with finding someone who is easy to control, doesn't see through him for a while, and is easily manipulated.

He is a predator. She is a victim. And this problem is increasing at frightening rates.

Schools are just beginning to wake up to this situation. The time to start teaching girls and boys that "love doesn't hurt" is when they're in first grade, not when she's injured and he's in jail.


MLA said...

Well written and lots of great points!

Pat said...

Thanks, MLA. Good to have you on board.