Saturday, February 13, 2010

New Computer--the good, the bad and the ugly

Okay, I love my huge screen, the fact that I boot up in l minute instead of five, not having to scroll every which way to read some Websites, having enough memory so I can NEVER fill up this computer...
I could go on and on.

BUT dh spent time last nite and today setting it up and it's proving too tough even for a great amateur techie like him. So my brother is on his way here from New Milford (Bless you, Fred!) because I want my address book, my favorites, and my familiar email system--little stuff like that. Actually, not so little.

In the process of building a writer "platform" and learning the business of writing, you accumulate many helpful friends, sites,orgs, programs--name it--that you use pretty much every day. I want my stuff back!

Okay, okay. Everyone, writer or not, probably feels the same way using a new computer. So I'll get back to work. No excuses since my Microsoft Word isn't affected.

But I want my stuff back.

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