Saturday, January 29, 2011


*Snow twice a week for weeks, 4-22 inches at a whack. My deck has 5' hills and my driveway is too narrow because there's nowhere to throw the snow anymore. A UPS truck got stuck half way up it last week!
*Icicles that drip during the day and leave an inch or two of glare ice in front of our doors a few hours after we've chopped it out. I now put a towel over my back door sill at night so we can open it in the morning.
*Snowplows that don't always widen the road but still manage to drop an icy mound of snow across our "shoveled clean" driveway entrance every time they go by. At the same time, they never fail to knock the mailbox off its post. 
*Having to change appointments, plans, meals, etc. because I don't want to drive until the roads are decent or the driveway's plowed.

Okay. Enough grousing. Here's WHAT LIFTS ME UP me up this long, hard winter.
*Our daughter and son-in-law are great helpers and friends, despite living on a farm and having 3 times as much area to clear than we do when it snows. They shovel out their elderly neighbors and their next door neighbor clears their driveway and (barn) access road.
*Our next-door neighbors have the two funniest, dearest little kids around and they love to come over and play as much as we love to have them. The man of the house "drives" his snowblower over and helps my husband move the blizzard after he's done his own yard, even though his job is currently keeping him working late into the night.
*His wife is caring and fun and always thanks me for grabbing the kids for a couple hours on Saturday. In reality, we have so much fun with them, we feel like she's doing us a favor!
*Both our cars drive great in the snow and haven't broken down for years.
*Before I lift my shovel, I have to look at the trees, the roofs, the blazing cold, pure white everywhere.

Tough as this winter has been, my life is easy compared to someone who is "sleeping with the enemy."

I actually like my husband and he likes me. We disagree sometimes but we work things out on an equal basis. That involves talking, compromise, or taking turns giving in.

It doesn't involve fear, pain, intimidation or threats. There is no enemy. It's not perfect, but it's real, it's lasting, and it's safe.


MLA said...

Isn't this winter weather so much fun? Love it, actually, but will be glad when the buds of spring come calling in a few months! :)

patwriter said...

I don't love it, especially when I've missed three group nites in a row at the shelter. I doubt there's anywhere to park, never mind probs with the weather!