Sunday, August 8, 2010

Domestic Violence University

Read an interesting "story" on Netsite yesterday.
It's called, "DV University" and written by Abby/NY. She talks about and shows how an abuser learns, benefits from this information, and increases his knowledge of how to get his way with his victim.

Abby's posting is right on. Abusers don't only learn what their "rights" are (which includes stripping their victims of all rights) while growing up. They must also possess a certain level of mental illness that allows them to ignore or benefit from the pain of others--human and/or animal.

They learn their skills from our readily available, violent media, from those with similar issues, from their own life experience and sometimes by luck--like when they find a victim who has no defense against their initial charm.

If you are a parent, seek help for the child who tortures bugs and animals. Do not inflict any kind of mental or physical abuse on your children. Seek help if you do. Parents Anonymous is free.

If you are arrested for DV think about what you're doing to yourself as well as your partner and children. Anger Management courses don't work unless you want to change.

We're all human and we all make mistakes. It just seems to me that the perpetrators of DV are intentionally cruel people who make more mistakes than most of us and don't care.

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