Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Be thankful if...
*You really like your spouse/partner
*Your kids aren't afraid of your spouse/partner
*Your home has laughter or at least smiles most days
*Neither partner is the "boss"
*Your bruises, injuries, anxiety or depression occur because of normal falls, accidents, inattention and LIFE.
*You're not afraid to come home.
*You're not afraid to leave home.
"You're not afraid to make a mistake.
*You don't have to hide important papers, money and extra keys "just in case."

If you are thankful for all of these, you live in a normal home with its ups and downs, disagreements, failures,
joys, sadness, accomplishments, anxiety, stress, and support.

No home is problem-free.
If someone is blaming an imperfect home on you, HE has the problem.

I hope anyone reading this has much to be thankful for.
Happy Thanksgiving. 

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