Saturday, November 26, 2011


We all have choices. Those of us fortunate enough to live with a good partner have as many choices as we want. We may not agree with our partner's choices but we can compromise or choose not to "go along."

Not so with a battered partner. Her choices are related to her batterer's choices and rarely do they coincide with her own. Simple things like what to wear, how to spend her "allowance", whether or not she has a phone, car, job, friends, family contacts, and the million little parts of our lives that involve choices are longer under her control.

It is a life of suppression and it is bad.

Every day I pray that batterers learn how wrong they are and begin to see and treat their partners as equals, which they should be.

Think of your freedoms if you are not a victim of domestic or dating violence and be thankful every day for what you are able to do. I sure am.

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