Saturday, June 18, 2011


Tomorrow is Father's Day, so I've been thinking of my deceased grandfathers, father, my husband, and several other fathers I know.

Not one of them is perfect, but each one tries or did try to be a good father. IMO, this involves being a good husband as well. A long time ago, I read, "The best parents are those who love each other."

Where does this leave the fathers or father figures who batter Mom or their partner?
Do they think that kids like them to hurt Mom, Auntie, or Grandma?
Do they think that sending the kids to their rooms will hide their behavior?
Do they think their cruelty has no effect on their kids?

Maybe they'd better THINK AGAIN.

In any case, I hope you have a happy Father's Day.
I'm spending mine making dh's favorite foods and enjoying the meal with my grown daughter and son-in-law. There won't be cruelty, pain, or fear in my house. There won't be threats or retaliation.
Why can't that be true for everyone?


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