Monday, December 6, 2010


Santa Claws is such a nice-looking, cheerily dressed guy. He's old-fashioned, though. You have to be good to get your presents. You get extra points for leaving cookies and milk. You need to be asleep while he does his good deeds. And you must stay home when he is gone; keep the hearth glowing and dinner on the stove.

What does a batterer look like to his children and partner on Christmas?
Probably like he looks every other day. If he looks different, they are confused and worried.

How does he act on Christmas day?
Better than usual, probably. Makes an effort so Christmas will be remembered as a happy time.
Or not.

It depends, you see, if his victim has all the presents bought, wrapped, and ready to put under the tree by Christmas Eve.
If supper is cooked exactly to his satisfaction.
If his victim has planned a good dinner for the holiday and obeys Santa's every command the night before.
If church is part of the holiday, he hides his claws. The family has become very good at acting their different parts. And they'd better.

If his victim has not accomplished all of the above to his complete approval, he makes sure the kids are asleep when he "disciplines" her.

She makes sure the kids don't know how much she hurts on their favorite and "happiest" day of the year.

What a nice guy.
Nothing has changed in Santa Claws' house.

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