Thursday, May 17, 2012


I don’t attend church regularly, but I try to lead a Christian life. Though our church is fairly small, it is full of wonderful volunteers of all ages who help with the zillions of programs we have, especially for kids, teens, and those who are elderly or sick. 

I got to wondering today about the churchgoer who’s a batterer, no matter what religion he “practices.” Many kids at the shelter tell me the family goes to church as a group with their father figure.

How does this man resolve his conflict about gaining control of his partner through violence and cruelty and being a “good” person? 

How does he explain the difference between the mental and physical cruelty he inflicts on his partner and the non-violence of his "faith"?

What does he think the kids who live with him understand about the difference between the way he treats them and the way he treats their mother?

What happens when his children get old enough to stand between him and their mother when her well-being or life is being threatened? 

Gosh, these guys must be soooo smart.

I can’t seem to reconcile any of the above and I know I’m not stupid. 

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