Sunday, May 27, 2012


My son was in Iraq for almost a year. I woke up every day wondering if he was alive. I’d check my email, but when he was on missions he didn’t email me so we’d have a couple scary days sometimes.

He came home with some emotional scars, but seemingly intact in body and purpose. He didn’t regret serving in Iraq though the high temps and dust storms, combined with carrying at least fifty pounds of  supplies on his back, plus his gun, etc. on missions made his life miserable at times.

I am so grateful he made it through and wish only love, prayers, and hope for the moms, dads, and families whose sons and daughters didn’t make it home from war or who are still serving and still in danger. 

Memorial Day is tomorrow, but we should remember our soldiers who serve or have served our country every day for months, for years, or until the end of their lives every single day.

Like battered women, they didn’t cause the problem, but they must live with it.

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