Monday, January 18, 2010


The last three weeks or so,I've spent a lot of time learning, joining, setting up, etc. this blog,plus twitter and facebook among others. I've visited, lurked, read, replied and tweeted.

I'm still pretty clueless but too bad. It's time to get back to revising my YA ms.(SHELTER)which my agent is pitching to various publishers. Once the revision's done (for now), I can go back to my new ms. (also a YA) about a girl whose mom is in prison. I'm still re-searching that and trying to talk with someone who rides the van that takes kids and family members to visit loved ones in prison (male and female).

What I've been doing is the business part of writing. If you want to publish, you need to pay attention to the publishing world, especially the changes and demands of that world.

Nobody said writing was easy.

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