Friday, February 11, 2011


I like Valentine’s Day. We don’t usually go out as it’s akin to Mother’s Day, restaurant-wise and we celebrate our anniversary just two weeks later. We do exchange cards and chocolate and dh buys me lots of roses.

It’s a sweet time, but not a big deal. We try to be good to each other every day anyway. We don’t succeed every single day, but we try.

Expectations and commitments for Valentine’s Day, however, can vary considerably, depending on the relationship and life of the people involved.

Your partner is stationed in Iraq or Afghanistan and can’t even call you until s/he gets back from a mission?
You just found out your partner is having an affair?
Your partner is a workaholic and doesn’t have time to acknowledge his love for you?
Your partner is terribly ill and cannot express his love in any way?
Your partner shows up carrying flowers, chocolates, or a nice necklace while you’re nursing the black eye he gave you?
Wow. Some Valentine.

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