Saturday, March 19, 2011


It was bad enough for my husband and me to get the Virus from H--- last week. But at least there's no problem finding a bathroom in my house. A couple days ago, my supervisor at the shelter emailed me that she thinks she has the same virus we had.

Poor her. This virus makes you perfectly prepared for a colonoscopy 24 hours after you come down with it. You LIVE in the bathroom. You RUN to the bathroom. You get no sleep for 24 hours because the nausea's so bad. It is definitely not your average "bug."

We're over it, but I can't imagine what the women and kids--up to 23 total living at the shelter--will do if this bug goes through the place. There are only two bathrooms in the bedroom area; two on the main floor beneath it. That means running down or carrying a kid down two long flights of stairs if the bathrooms in the sleeping area are in use.

Believe me, you can't make it down these two long staircases in time when you have this thing. Plus you'd have to crawl back upstairs if you'd tried to.

Better pray the shelter residents don't get this.

Then think about why they have to live there instead of at home with a better bathroom-to-person ratio.

Don't know about you, but it really Ticks. Me. Off.

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