Wednesday, March 16, 2011


No kidding. No exaggeration. After two days of this virus, you could have a colonoscopy and your doctor would declare you "clean as a whistle."

So it's Day Six. I'm feeling fairly normal, just tired. The bad news is I couldn't go to the shelter last night because my energy level was way too low. Besides, I wouldn't wish this thing on my worst enemy, never mind the shelter kids I love.

One of my co-workers on kids' group night emailed me that the kids were asking for me last week. I didn't go that night, either, as I had to help my husband recover from minor surgery. I'm letting them down, but it can't be helped. I missed them last night. Woke up dreaming that I couldn't find the shelter. The kids depend on my support but obviously, I need them, too.

This illness made me wonder, though. What happens in a home with domestic violence when the partner of the batterer is incapacitated?

Does he get nicer? Does he rant and rave how she's letting him down? Does he pitch in, help out, stay home and help her?

Wish I knew.
Maybe I don't want to.

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