Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ellie's boyfriend Diego texts Ellie, Miguel's sister.

Diego: hey. miss u. hows it goin.
Ellie: miguels still wacko. now he s playing detective.
Diego: huh.
Ellie: trying 2 find out what mom and the court advocate r planning.
Diego: 4 real yur moms goin 2 court.
Ellie: yeah. needs a protective order.
Diego: why. your dad dont know where she is.
Ellie: he knows where she works.
Diego: so what.
Ellie: he could stalk her. attack her.
Diego: he wouldnt do that. he s a nice guy.
Ellie: how would u know. u think we made this up. left him for the fun of it.
Diego: i dont know.
Ellie: so what does that make me. a liar. stupid. what.
Diego: maybe u bugged him too much. made him lose it.
Ellie: see ya.
Diego: whats wrong.
Ellie: if yor on his side yor not on mine.
Diego: what did i say.
Diego: come on. i luv u. why do u think i m on his side.
Ellie: yor sucky attitude.
Diego: how about yor attitude. soon as we r apart u think i m bad. i m the enemy right.
Ellie: yor full of shit.
Diego: if u were here u wouldnt dis me like that.
Ellie: right. and u wouldnt dis me either becuz i would walk. see ya.
Diego: luv u.

Diego: hey, mr castillo. its diego.
Dad: how did you get my number.
Diego: ellie called u on my fone once.
Dad: oh. so how are u doing.
Diego: not so good. i dont know where ellie is and she wont give me her address.
Dad: i dont have it either. we had a couple accidents here sunday and ellie got hurt. now i m godzilla.
Diego: women sure overreact. all i know is theyre in hawkinstown in some shelter.
Dad: thats more than i knew. thanks buddy. let me know if you find out anything else.
Diego: sure and u do the same ok.
Dad: deal.

Notice how well Dad and Diego communicate? That's because they understand each other. They have the same belief: that men are superior to women and should be in charge.

To them, Dad's family leaving home was an "overreaction." Dad's already forgiven himself and downplayed his part in injuring Mom, Ellie, and their little dog. He expects them to forgive him and come back home. It's not a big deal.

If your partner punched you in the jaw, hurled your daughter into a table injuring her leg, and hurt your dog so badly that you feared for its life, would you forgive him? Would you downplay the seriousness of the injuries, even though they were the worst ever?

Would you stay in that home?

Do you think Ellie or Mom overreacted?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you might want to see if there's a women's group at your local domestic violence shelter. A group of women in the same boat as you. A chance to figure out what you deserve.

I'm just sayin'.

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