Friday, May 13, 2011


We have a good administration at the DV shelter. They can't provide every change residents want or fix every complaint, but they listen.

This past week, apparently, the present group of women using shelter services requested and got a significant change in the time women's and kids' groups start on group night. The mothers wanted all groups to start one-half hour earlier. Their kids are still going to school and the 8:30 p.m. end of group time, plus baths and quiet time after that, made bedtime way too late.

I've volunteered at the shelter for four years and this is not the first change I've seen the women request or receive. It is a significant one, though, and one that should improve shelter life.

These women are used to having normal requests dismissed cavalierly in the homes they left. Used to abandoning, forgetting, or stuffing their own and their kids' needs.

This week they got what they needed. It's one more step toward their becoming self-reliant. To ask and to receive. This is not a small thing.

It's more in the realm of awesome.

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