Sunday, January 22, 2012


Our generator was delivered this week with the bells and whistles necessary for the best installation and usage. Now we just find an electrician and we'll be ready if Mother Nature decides we need a another week with no water, limited toilet, and no electricity! (A rural "perk" when you have a well and septic system.)

My neighbors had to move to a hotel after their tub water ran out. The husband didn't expect his wife to adequately care for him and their two children with limited water and toilets. He's a reasonable, kind, and helpful person--and not just when someone's looking.

I don't like to think about what happens during a long term loss of power in a home run by a controlling, cruel person. It's not easy to cook with a gas grill or keep the kids and house clean with limited water and no electricity. It's not fun to have to refill the toilet from the tub or find a laundromat that's up and running.

Yet the batterer may still expect perfection. He's not one to accept excuses or allow leeway for unusual circumstances. He'd probably mete out punishment to those who don't do what they "should" under such difficult living conditions.

I'm grateful for our new generator, but I'm more grateful for a husband who accepted the lower standards of living during Storm Irene (and others) and who pitched in to make things easier for me.

What happens to your family in a crisis? Are expectations realistic? Are demands reduced by everyone, including yourself? Does everyone help?
Because they should.

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