Wednesday, January 4, 2012


2011 wasn’t the best year of my life, but it’s over. And before it was over, I was busy pursuing my dreams.  The traditional route to publishing is shrinking daily, so it’s harder than ever to sell a book.

Given this fact of life, I’m pursuing my dream of publishing more children’s and YA books by sending queries about two books to multiple editors (unless they require exclusive submission). I put my HYPER HARRY kids’ book on Kindle last year and the paperback version should be available on Amazon before the end of January, 2012.

My husband doesn’t tell me I’m nuts, doesn’t seem to resent the time I spend every afternoon at my computer, and doesn’t complain about any expenses related to publishing, including the new printer we just bought. 

It’s not that he’s perfect. It’s just that we’re partners. I don’t complain about the time and expense of his dreams, either. He’d love to make a 3rd hole in one, grow perfect veggies in his garden, and create new flower gardens when he’s bored with the old ones. This is how he loves to spend his free time. It makes him happy. He doesn’t throw cold water on my dreams, so why would I throw cold water on his? 

Yet that is what battered women (most batterers are men) live with every day. Cold water thrown on everything they do, from laundry, to cooking, to child care. How can they dare to dream when they’re so busy trying to do daily tasks perfectly and always failing, at least according to the batterer? 

I say, if you have dreams, follow them. If someone tells you they’re stupid or refuses to support your efforts, something is WRONG. 

Everyone deserves to dream!

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