Sunday, February 12, 2012


This week, a little boy who rarely talks or smiles in group had a breakthrough. We were talking about people we love and making valentine cards with stickers and crayons. He didn’t join in, just sat next to me looking around, listening intently.  

I told him he looked very sad tonight. Was there anyone he’d like to make a Valentine for? He shook his head to my suggestions: “Mom?”, “Dad”, “friend”? So I said, “Okay, but maybe there’s someone else you love. Think about it, okay?” 

I helped a new three-year-old who was drawing a very graphic picture of Dad to remove Valentine stickers from her sheet. Suddenly, the little boy announced loudly, “This was a very bad week. I miss my cousin.” 

It turned out that his cousin, whom he regarded as a brother lived in another country. I asked if he ever talked to him on the phone. “Not much,” he answered, dropping his head. “Do you want to write to him?” I asked. He grabbed the 8x11” paper and a pencil. Wrote for about ten minutes. 

He didn’t share the content of his letter with his cousin but we folded it in half and sealed it with scotch tape. He thought his mother might know the address.

Shows how we should never discount the close bonds children have with extended family, even if they’re hundreds of miles away. This child talked more than he ever had simply because he decided to take a chance and share his pain.

He left smiling. So did I.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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