Friday, March 16, 2012


“Katherine” is an attractive older woman, petite and energetic, who has been a babysitter for shelter and “outside” children during women’s group times and a volunteer at the shelter for many years. She also works almost full-time at a day job caring for disabled adults.

She can hold a baby or toddler all through group time and enjoy it so much. She helps older kids with their homework and gives special attention to the newly arrived, upset child. The kids trust her and like her. She is a good model of a strong but loving woman. The other babysitters and I need her experience and help when things get a little chaotic and she freely gives it.

Another day of the week, she provides a craft group for the kids who live at the shelter. Besides this being fun for them, their mothers and the other women gratefully use this time to attend another group or enjoy much needed  “quiet time.”

But soon she will be resigning, finally getting much needed free time for herself and her family. She’s only one of the many volunteers who make a difference in shelter kids’ lives by consistently sharing herself, week after week.

I’ll miss her. You can’t replace certain people and she’s one of them.

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