Wednesday, April 25, 2012


My friends are always amazed at how energetic and driven I am; how much I accomplish. 

Contrary to their beliefs, I’m not Wonder Woman. I do have ADHD, though, and even if it causes problems for me sometimes, I’m glad I have it. I accomplish more than some people because I was taught early to use my energy. To set goals and persevere until I attain them or decide the current goal is not one I really want to attain. That leaves me free to set another goal and try again. 

It’s not that hard. I’m a writer and a child therapist and I love what I do. My husband, family, and friends support my efforts, even if they end in  failure. That makes my small successes, or at least my routine completion of tasks, easier. I deserve no accolades. 

Women stuck in a battered living situation, however, deserve all our respect and praise. They are not staying there out of love, but out of fear. Sometimes leaving could result in their death. This is not a small decision and they make it as best they can. 

In the meantime, they must overcome cruel treatment (emotional and/or physical) every day just to do what I do easily with the support of my husband and children.

I’m not anxious when I mess up dinner, serve it earlier or later than usual, or make a food that isn’t my husband’s favorite. If I'm late, forget something, or get lazy, it's no big deal. I don’t get criticized, injured, or hurt for making mistakes. My husband doesn’t expect perfection, nor do I. 

That leaves me grateful for my ADHD and my caring friends and family.
And it sure beats living with a jerk who pretends he’s God--hands down.

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