Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Okay, next I'm going thru a list of Blogging Tips, like "How not to Suck at Blogging" by Adam Baker. That's my goal for the day--right after I call drs. and dentist for a list of our co-pays for 2009. Not my favorite job, but someone has to do it. :)

Meanwhile, I'm waiting for critiques and/or vetting comments by domestic or dating violence experts (including teens). It's pure kindness for busy kids and adults to agree to help an author by reading part or all of her ms. What I hope to get is not only positive comments but comments about how to improve the book. For example, I researched Latino food, etc. for SHELTER and the assistant director of the shelter where I volunteer ok'd them. She also noted that I needed more white moms and kids at the shelter! So I rewrote one of the families from Latino to White because while our shelter seems to have more Latino moms and kids than black or white ones, it could be a "blip" this year. We certainly have b/w moms, and b/w married or single women. Shows you how biased you can be culturally or racially, even if you don't think you are!

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