Sunday, October 31, 2010


Happy Halloween! I'm looking forward to kids demanding goodies tonight. Many will wear masks.

Masks are not made only of rubber, paper, cloth, or plastic. They can be made from courage, desperation, humiliation, and determination. And worn briefly, interchangeably, indefinitely.

Successful people often hide their insecurities behind a mask of assurance and confidence. Others may hide behind a public personna and pray no one will find out what they're really like. Many experience fear that despite their success and competence, they will lose what they've earned or gained.

Those most afraid may be those who act most courageous.

Determination can hide failure or fear of failure and dealing with constant humiliation may push some people to appear strong, even hostile.

All of us have something to hide. Sometimes this impoverishes or endangers our lives. Sometimes it endangers or impoverishes the lives of the ones we love most--our children.

It is for them that we need to remove or at least loosen our masks. Being real, being ourselves might help them decide not to hide behind anything.

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