Saturday, November 13, 2010


I wasn't even at the shelter and a woman was talking about domestic violence. Her relative had gotten a temporary restraining order and custody of her kids. Said it was the best two weeks of her life."

Then they went back to court. The batterer/emotional abuser had a good lawyer and he was also smart and persuasive. He said if he lost custody of his kids, people would find out and he'd lose his job which was a good one. Though he wasn't helping his family with their bills very much, his lawyer didn't bother to verify that. Neither did her lawyer.

The two lawyers got together and decided, against protests from the relative telling the story, that they'd better not take away his right to see the kids. They also did not protect her by including his staying completely away from her in all settings, not just her home. The judge allowed this.

As a result, she must deal with him all the time and his abuse continues.

If this is justice, it's mighty messed up. I thought things were getting better in my state. The DV laws certainly add more protection for the victim than they used to, including to a lesser degree, the horrific "mind games" these guys can play.

Guess not.

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