Wednesday, October 26, 2011


We've all seen them--in the schools, sitting on front stoops, hanging on the street. On the couch, thumbs flying; on their bed, doing homework.

And at the shelter. They look tired. The shoulders droop, the eyelids droop, the energy isn't there.
Sometimes they only look tired after school and recuperate. No prob. But some kids are tired all the time.
More kids than I remember when I was young. We were outside almost every day--playing baseball, running around, riding bikes, pushing scooters, roller skating, chasing, fighting, playing.

Bad weather--we were inside and played more quiet games. TV wasn't on all day. We watched it or listened to the radio mostly at night.

Yet kindergarten curriculum now has 20% less creative play than  formerly, per research, and is insisting that many kids whose brain development isn't there yet learn to read. Gym is one hour a week, if the kids are lucky. Recess in some school systems is up to the teacher. It can be in the classroom.

And we wonder why kids are getting fatter in America?
I sure understand why they're getting "tired." Muscles must be used to develop and stay strong. Ditto the heart and lungs. And don't forget "feel good" chemicals in the brain--they are increased when vigorous exercise is routine.

Let's not blame all this on diet. Our kids need to MOVE, MORE, and MORE OFTEN!
Especially at the shelter.

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