Friday, December 23, 2011


Anticipation is a funny thing. It can make us excited, impatient, happy when something good is going to happen.

When anticipation is paired with dread--will he get drunk on Xmas and beat me up? Will he blame me if  the Xmas meal isn't perfectly cooked? Will he destroy his or others' presents because they don't "clean up the mess"?

Holidays do have a little dread for those of us who do most of the shopping, planning, cooking, present buying and wrapping, getting everyone to events, etc. The dread is caused mainly by the extra stress and tasks of the holiday. It is not laced with fear, negative expectations, attempts to avoid mistakes or conflicts of any kind.

I feel blessed that I'm just more stressed at Xmastime. What's mixed in with your anticipation?
I hope it's only good things. If it isn't, you're on my prayer list.

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