Tuesday, December 20, 2011


You think you're done with buying, ordering, wrapping Christmas presents and then some manufacturer puts a back order on your daughter's rainsuit--to January 31st. Oh boy. I canceled that and ordered another that ought to get here right after New Year's. Not my fault, but annoying because she won't have it for Christmas, works outside a lot and needs it.

She won't be mad. It's not my fault. I can make mistakes or disappoint my family any number of times and they won't be nasty. I do the same for them. Things happen. People mess up. Companies mess up. Beating someone up emotionally won't change anything.

Too bad batterers don't feel that way. Beating someone up emotionally or physically is what they do. Forgiving, understanding, and accepting is not what they do. I'm glad for my family--warts and all. I don't have to be perfect and neither do they.

If you mess up and pay dearly for it, something's wrong. Someone is wrong.
And it's not you.

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