Friday, December 2, 2011


Yup. It's that time of year again. Bring the boxes down from the attic. Open them up, unwrap each "treasure," remember where you bought this decoration or who gave it to you.

My favorite is a cloth wreath with a 3-D Santa, his sleigh and four little reindeers perched on top. That was a doozy to make. Stuffing all the animals, Santa, and the sleigh. What was I thinking when I bought the kit? I don't even like to sew! But twenty years later, I'm glad I have it. Looks brand new and brightens the corner wall it fills.

Three Santas, holiday couch pillows, a tiny, perfect wooden sled, an angel, choir boys, a cloth Christmas tree my nephew and his mom made so long ago. They are treasures to me.

I still buy a new decoration most years and give my daughter some of mine after the holiday. They represent a stressful but happy time when I get to see more of friends and family. When we share memories, greet new babies, spoil our two little neighborhood friends next door.

The shelter was already decorated for Christmas when I went this week. Three pretty trees and three rooms downstairs about to be so stuffed with donations for kids and women this week that groups had to be called off next week.

I'm grateful for those who remember that everyone doesn't have a picture book kind of holiday, that shelter residents need all the cheer and support they can get.

Thank you, those who remember to help them. They will be glad you did.

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