Sunday, December 11, 2011


Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without the tree. I'm willing to go with the smaller, artificial type, but hubby is not ready. So we did our annual trek to a friend's tree farm and found a huge tree for daughter and son-in-law, and a smaller one for us.

It was cold, but we walked around looking at every candidate, arguing its merits, agreeing "that's the one" only to spot a better tree two minutes later. Finally, son-in-law cut down the trees, dh and he loaded them into his truck bed and off we went. Their tree, as did ours, barely fit through the front door, but smelled good and was set up without too much consternation. Laughter was part of the chore, and anticipation of lights and decorations made us happy.

The tree symbolizes family to so many Christians and others. It is a gathering place, a giver of surprises, a tradition of love and a work of art.

Some families don't have the same feelings about their trees. Some families have seen trees destroyed, along with warm Holiday traditions, by a batterer. His temper is a flag that never stops flying, even on Christmas day.

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