Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I need a new agent. Finding the right publisher to send your ms. to takes lots of time. You have to query editors, check publishers’ websites, read and follow up on “wish lists” in writer’s newsletters, etc. This cuts the amount of time you have left to actually write! So I sent out queries to four agents. Heard from the one most likely to sell my SHELTER Young Adult—a Latina woman who might just get it published in Spanish as well as English.

This is very important to me. The domestic violence shelter where I volunteer has more Latina women than any other group. The Assistant Director is Latina and loved the original version of the book. Many Latina women are not fluent in English, so it would be great if I have a Latina pulling for me and my book! 

Though the “big” publishers say they want mss. like this, Marketing Departments can kill sales because they don’t expect a big enough return on multicultural works. I say, this is part of what keeps minorities down. Low expectations. They won’t read or buy or borrow these books? I think they do and they will. 

At least I have the freedom to pursue the path I choose. I hope you do, too.

Every woman, every person—deserves  that freedom.

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