Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I didn't go to the shelter this week. Several kids had a very contagious virus, so groups were canceled to prevent it from spreading to "outside" kids and moms as well.

In my young adult ms., SHELTER, I had the main character (Latino boy, age 15) furious when his family first moved in because there were only two bathrooms for "all the moms and kids" on the bedroom floor." He wondered what would happen when everyone was getting ready for bed, school, or work.

He didn't mention what might happen when several kids and moms have nausea and diarrhea. I bet it's tough. They might not have time to run to the downstairs bathroom, and if there's a line in the middle of the night...

Still, I bet it's lots better than being home with someone who criticizes you for "letting" the kids get sick. For not keeping the bathroom clean when you're just as sick as the kids. For expecting you to keep up with everyday responsiblities when you need to lie in bed and sleep.

My husband's not perfect, but when I was sick recently, he brought me ginger ale, did the laundry, and made me feel loved.

Q.: What's wrong with these guys?

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