Sunday, March 25, 2012


She was a relative and a friend, six months older than I am. When she died this week, she left a devoted husband who took care of her until the end, four kids, several grandkids and lots of friends and relatives. Her life was full and productive. She worked, raised her family, and did volunteer work.

She was a good, loving person who was fun, energetic, and helpful. But she had no hope of a cure. Her cancer was rare, aggressive, deadly. And we were helpless to do anything but visit, share, and listen.
We go to the viewing tonight, the funeral tomorrow. All her kids are good people, or married to good people. Their partners will be there for them. None of them will have to hide bruises, limps, or fear. None will have to bargain to spend this time with their loved ones.

They are able to live the way families are meant to live, to grieve and take care of themselves and others until they recover from this terrible loss. All their lives have equal meaning and importance. No one makes all the rules or decides who does what and when.

They are not battered or batterers. I wish everyone were as fortunate as they are.

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JulesTX said...

Sorry for your loss Pat.