Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I’ve had a good response to my request for reviews for HYPER HARRY, my kids’ book that is helpful to children, families, teachers, etc. dealing with or interested in ADHD. So far I've sent out a review copy to those requesting one, but today’s request was unusual. Someone from India wants to review the book. I checked out the Netsite and the reviewer since it costs $6.00+ to send the paperback that far. They are both legit so HARRY goes to India today.  

I didn’t have to justify this expense to my husband or apologize for taking the time to package it up. If I lived with a batterer, I probably would never have published a book, since batterers aren’t that supportive of “hobbies”, especially if they don’t pay a big return on investment.

Yet, think of the everyday buying, shopping, and decision-making most homemakers do without asking permission from anyone. Children must ask permission and we are not children.

Unfortunately, batterers don’t think that way, so they treat their partners as if they were children, day laborers or (cringe) their personal slaves. I don’t think you can call them psychotic, since they know right from wrong (shown by how they hide their behavior). They also plan their tortures and set up their victims. But if they’re not psychotic, they’re something worse.

Much worse.

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