Thursday, March 1, 2012


I got to talking with a bright woman at the shelter recently who was cooking wonderful-smelling food when I showed up before supper. She said she came from a “cooking family”, loved to cook and had been told she was very good at it. The women at the shelter gladly ate her food. Many wished she cooked more often. 

She said she’d do “anything” but had looked for jobs everywhere on the Net and found few she could apply for, given their location. She was discouraged because no one called her back. There also weren’t many job opportunities for her in the paper, so she’d stopped looking there. She’d just found an apartment she’d like to rent, but doubted she’d get it because she had some money saved, but no job.

The following week, she was still at the shelter. The apartment fell through, but she was cooking again. My tv dinner did not compare so she gave me one of her creations from the day before. It was the best Italian dish I’d had in ages. She could be a chef.

In fact, who knows what she might have been if she hadn’t been held down by a batterer?
Hadn’t lost her freedom to make important decisions in her life?
Hadn’t been treated so badly she'd begun to believe she deserved it? 

At least she’s smiling again. She has hope, drive, and organization. I bet she’ll get a good job, and soon. Which is good and bad.

Good for her, but bad for me when I want a delicious supper!

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