Monday, February 27, 2012


My X-Infinity email is sooo messed up. I have to minimize every outgoing email so it will pop up with the outgoing form “filled in.” Otherwise, it takes a full two minutes to work.  

Then when I fill in the “TO” address slot, I have to minimize after every 2 to 4 letters to get the cursor to work. It’s maddening and way too slow for someone with as many emails going out every day as I have. 

Comcast says it’s not their problem. The problem is in my Windows program. So I ran the complete Norton 360 Premier scan. No viruses or problems. Then DH spent all afternoon on recovery programs. No dice. Lost the Norton; no improvement in the email.

I guess tomorrow I’ll try using my HP recovery management program. Or maybe I’ll call them first. Aaaaargh.

But even with all this aggravation, I don’t have to worry about a partner checking what Netsite I’m on or where I ’ve been surfing. I don’t have to have two windows running so I can quickly shut down anything to do with Domestic Violence when he’s around. 

I only have an email problem.

What am I complaining about?

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