Thursday, April 12, 2012


My husband and I went to Boston recently  to get his vocal cords “plumped.” Like his mom at his age, he’s losing his voice, but wants to continue to sing in the church choir. This is a guy who sang at weddings for years and made me cry every time. He loves to sing. 

Voice means more to him than talking, singing means more to him than music. He wants to continue singing with his good friends so he's trying this procedure. If it works, he’ll get a more permanent vocal cord “tune up” in a few weeks. 

I love to sing, too, but to me, voice also means power, personal identity, the core of a character’s personality in a book.

What if you couldn’t tell someone to back off, to listen, to leave? What if your voice couldn’t be expressed because it would endanger your life?

Welcome to domestic and dating violence. Voice is a big problem and one that is so encased in fear and anxiety that it often stops being used.

Do you have a voice?

Do you use it?

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