Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Hey, we got way too little rain in April, so we’re making up for it in May. DH IS playing golf tomorrow with his uncle because it’s supposed to be good weather. Seven months ago DH could hardly walk, never mind play golf because he had terrible sciatica. Orthopedic interventions and PT provided only temporary relief and that wasn't enough for him. He loves his golf and gardening.

So he thought outside the box. He’d seen an ad for treatment on a leaning-type table and decided to construct his own. It looks like a wide see saw. Gravity, with  DH's head way down near the floor and his back muscles stretching, is the treatment. Plus prescribed exercises every day.

Result after months of trying this? Considerable relief from pain and his first golf date tomorrow. He’s been doing some of the gardening (inside and out) as well. I’m not that impressed with this success because he’s a very creative guy always. This time, though, he solved a problem medically. I’m grateful because his hard work and effort helped me, too. Nice to see him smile instead of frown. 

Somehow I don’t think a batterer operates this way. His whole deal is CONTROL,is blaming others, not solving problems. After all, he’s never the problem anyway. His imperfect partner is. She upsets him so much he can’t help how he treats her.

Is that twisted, or what? Is that something to admire?

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